Friday, 16 January 2015

Burgundy 2013 En Primeur Tasting - 15th January

Thank you to everyone who turned out for our first tasting of the New Year on Thursday 15th January. And, what a way to start! 61 wines on show from 21 domaines and with 6 of those producers joining us for the event.

The 2013 vintage in Burgundy has had some trouble in the press due to the small volume, therefore the fact that we had so many wines on show was a great treat and there was a high level of quality across the board. The whites showed good acidity, plenty of fruit and elegance. The reds were beautiful and light displaying clean and fresh red fruits which will develop over time into something worth holding on to.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Burgundy 2013 Vintage Report

By Matthew Hemming MW

If you’re reading this you presumably have some interest in the wines of Burgundy and, in this case, you’re probably at least obliquely aware that life has not been kind to Burgundian vignerons in recent years. Whilst we haven’t had a vintage of poor quality in at least a decade, 2009 was the last abundant harvest and since then most estates have lost the equivalent of at least a year’s production in terms of crop loss. In particular, severe storms and hail have taken a massive toll on the vineyards of Burgundy, literally destroying berries on the vine, encouraging rot and shredding leaves, so plants can no longer perform photosynthesis and ripen what fruit remains.

With all this in mind, and given some smaller domaines are on the brink of financial ruin given the lack of wine to sell, it’s amazing that we returned from our recent tasting week in Burgundy with a real sense of optimism. The positivity is twofold: the 2013 vintage, against the odds, has delivered some really exciting, high quality wines; the 2014s, which were bubbling away in barrels during our visit, are also very promising in quality but – crucially – Mother Nature has finally delivered a bigger crop. Volumes of ’14 are broadly back to 2010 levels, which wasn’t a big vintage but was larger than anything since, allowing everyone to breathe something of a sigh of relief.