Tuesday, 20 May 2014

From the Tasting Room : Conde de Cron

What more can be said about the most popular wine on our list? Not much, but we're going to try anyway!

It's made by Bodegas Muriel, a renowned Rioja producer from sunny Spain, whose team really know what they're doing. If this were a vintage wine, we can assure you it would sell out every single time. Fortunately for all concerned, there seems to be a never-ending  supply of this perfectly blended vino de mesa.

Looking over the Muriel vineyards
What is a vino de mesa? Think of it as a Spanish table wine. Or at least that's what the term means. But the Conde de Cron is so much more than that and the quality really belies the price. As mentioned, not only is the producer a fantastic name in premium Rioja circles, but the grapes and skill that go into making this are incredibly special. 

We don't know the actual percentages of the blend, that's a secret Javier Murua has only passed onto his son, but we do know it's a Tempranillo-based blend. Tempranillo is the main constituent in Rioja where it provides that stereotypical richness of flavour the region's wines are famed for. 

Javier and his son enjoying a bottle (or two!)

Conde de Cron NV

Immediately you can tell this is much more than your standard non-vintage, vino do mesa, due to the smoky leather and deep, rich berries you get on the nose. This has clearly undergone some solid aging in oak casks. 

You really get a sense of the quality in the wine on the palate too - so good for the price - where more of that smoky leather comes through and plenty of blackcurrant and some cooked berries in there too. 

If this is what their £6.99 offering is like, imagine what the £15+ wines will be! 

You could easily pair this with a lot of food due to its balance, fruit and depth but we'd go with the English staple of a roast beef or, for something a little different, an array of tapas (particularly anything involving chorizo).

Wine Details:
Conde de Cron NV
Vino de Mesa, Spain
13% abv.

Alex, David and Adam
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