Monday, 5 May 2014

From the Tasting Room : Masseria Trajone Frascati

Frascati is a little-known region to the east of Rome in central Italy. It's a quintessentially Italian area, full of classical architecture, rolling hills and often bathed in glorious sunshine.

The Romans enjoyed these wines centuries ago and they have remained among Italy’s most popular. Continued improvements in the vineyards and cellars, along with significantly lower yields have led to much higher quality wines being produced and, as a result, Frascati is enjoying a well-deserved revival.

Masseria Trajone Frascati Superiore 2012

A really complex and layered nose here: honey, straw, almost nutty. Also some almond, pine nut and a load of pear and pineapple to bring a fruity kick rushing out of the glass. 

A vibrant acidity brings out the juicy fruit on the palate - perfectly suited to match the region's cuisine. You definitely still get that pine nut/almond from the nose. There's also a really pleasant mineral edge to wine that keeps it very interesting and drinkable. Really fresh.

Wine details:
Masseria Trajone Frascati Superiore 2012
Frascati DOC, Italy
12% abv.

Alex, David and Adam
Averys Wine Bloggers

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