Thursday, 1 May 2014

The World Relative to Averys : Part Two - Dr W. G. Grace

* W.G. Grace was Bristol-born and proudly represented both Gloucestershire and England.

* He made his debut for England in 1880 when Averys was just 7 years old.

* He scored 124 first class hundreds and 251 fifties. He also took 2809 wickets.

* The first (and arguably greatest) cricket superstar. With some cricket contracts pushing those of footballers these days, W.G.’s reported earnings would’ve been worth around £1 million in today’s money.

* While W.G. didn’t smoke, he was more than partial to wine; as Arthur Shrewsbury noted: “Grace himself would drink enough to swim a ship

* Every cricketer in the country knows the story of W.G. Grace when he was once out bowled. It is rumoured that, instead of walking off, he turned around, picked up the bails, put them back on the stumps and told the bowler “these people are here to watch me bat, not you bowl!

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