Tuesday, 1 April 2014

From the Tasting Room : Casa Silva Chardonnay Semillon

As they very proudly state on the label, Casa Silva is the Most Awarded Winery of the Century! Now, while we may only be 13 years and 4 months into it, that is still a very impressive feat. Mario Pablo Silva (a fifth generation Silva) and the team work tirelessly across their family vineyards to produce an incredible quality of product be it their more "entry  level" wines right through to their flagship brands.

Casa Silva is still very much a family-owned and family-run winery. While that may be hard to believe (given the size of their operation) you just need to look at the family to realise they've got every base covered!

Casa Silva Chardonnay Semillon 2013

This wine was definitely a game of two halves with the nose displaying the vibrancy of Chardonnay but the palate being tempered and more refined with the Semillon. This really was an interesting combination!

Completely New World Chardonnay; fruit salad in a glass. Melons, peaches, apple, a hint of banana, even a mild nuttiness too. All of that is typical of a hot-climate Chardonnay - just so fresh and juicy! 

Semillon is normally found in the sweet wine of Sauternes and in age-worthy whites from Australia so to find it here is quite a treat. While the nose and palate of a wine are (generally) meant to match, the predominant Chardonnay from before takes a back seat to the Semillon in the blend. We got lemons, honey and an almost "Scrumpy" finish on the wine - really very interesting! The Chardonnay did also make itself known through a definite peachiness while dishing up some of the apple for the Scrumpy.

Great for summer sipping and enough weight to stand up to barbecued white meats or a lovely grilled fillet of salmon.

Wine Details:
Casa Silva Chardonnay Semillon 2013
Valle de Colchagua, Chile
14% abv.

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