Tuesday, 25 March 2014

From the Tasting Room : Vondeling Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Today's wine is a South African Sauvignon Blanc. Normally when thoughts turn to New World Sauvignons, it's all about New Zealand, but there are definitely others out there that are worth a look.

This is a wine that we've had our eyes on for a while now due to the producer's reputation. Any winery that comes recommended from the Roux brothers has to be good! In fact, they're such big fans that a number of wines sold at Le Gavroche are from Vondeling - very high praise indeed - and Averys have been stocking these wines since 2008. With that level of acclaim and fan-following, we simply had to open a bottle.

Vondeling Sauvignon Blanc 2012

For us, this wine could be summed up in three words: fruity, smooth and great. 

Fruity. As soon as the bottle was opened and the first glass was poured we bagan to get the clean citrusy lemon, gooseberry and fresh-cut grass you expect from a New World Sauvignon. But, unlike the their cousins to the South-East in New Zealand's Marlborough, these wines weren't as "in your face" by displaying pineapple and passion fruit there too. 

Smooth. Often "smoothness" is a trait for deep reds that have spent year after year in oak but, despite being white and never seeing a barrel, this was just that - smooth. It was an odd word to put with an unoaked white but it really was smooth, almost silky, in the way it went down. The wine's acidity, often so much more prevalent in the Loire and Marlborough, gave way to the juicy fruits in the glass. There was more of that gooseberry, lively citrus and passion fruit while there was the definite addition of crisp green apple. It may have been a combination of the sheer fruitiness of the wine and the gentle acidity but it came across as possibly a touch off-dry; not enough to notice straightaway, but definitely something to think about. 

Great. It was that combination of fruit, smoothness and general excellence that combined to produce a really great wine. Summer had arrived early with the warming sunshine and a glass of Vondeling in hand. One for any white wine fan.

It's their wine, so naturally they're going to be quite positive about it, but the label says it all: 'best served chilled, with good food, good friends or simply on its own... enjoy it!'

Wine details:
Vondeling Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Voor-Paardeberg, South Africa
12% abv.

With the recent weather you could be forgiven that Summer is just around the corner thanks to the amount of people in t-shirts and shorts, sporting the latest panda eyes from their weekend in the long-awaited sun! Next week's wine may have to be one for the barbecue.

Alex, David and Luke
Averys Wine Bloggers

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