Tuesday, 18 March 2014

From the Tasting Room : Averys Special Cuvée NV Champagne

Christophe Roques Boizel working
away in the cellars in the 1960's
It's been a while since we had a Champagne to try so we thought we'd give our very own label fizz a try. The last one we tried was actually our first review, the Louis Roederer NV, so it'll be fun to see how our Averys label measures up!

We have stocked this product for 60 years now - a truly remarkable feat. Considering that most of the UK's wine merchants aren't even that old themselves, for us to have a product perform so consistently is a testament to the wine, the blend and the producers behind the label.

The Averys Special Cuvée NV was originally blended by Ronald Avery (Mimi's grandfather, John's father) in the cellars at Champagne Boizel. We have quite an affinity for Boizel as, like Averys, they are very much a family business. Established in 1834, they are now onto the fifth generation of the family to be running the maison. In 2004 Boizel produced a Chardonnay-led blend to celebrate 50 years of this fantastic relationship.

The non-vintage blend we tried is a third of each of the key Champagne varieties: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay - the same as Pol Roger. The reason for us blending in such a level of Pinot Meunier is that it develops quicker, giving an additional sense of maturity.

Averys Special Cuvée NV

The first impression of the wine was it's gorgeous colour in the flute - a small dose of fizzy sunshine on a cloudy afternoon!

On pouring the glasses you're greeted with fresh, rich, ripe fruit but it's a distinct citrusyness that really comes through. There's also a definite cakey hit there too which, coupled with that lemon, brings to mind a lemon drizzle cake, fresh from the oven.

There is a wonderful richness on the palate that is to be expected of a much more expensive, and aged, Champagne - the Pinot Meunier clearly does its job well! It's cakey, bready and biscuity, but not yeasty, which makes it come across as almost off-dry. The lemony freshness carries through but the richness adds in a honey-like dimension too. 

Its fruity, lively, finish keeps the flavours bouncing around long after the glass is empty. In fact, it's probably the perfect amount of time to go and get a top-up! 

Wine details:
Averys Special Cuvée NV Champagne
Champagne, France
12% abv.

It looks like we might (finally) be on the way to Spring now with this recent weather! So, if the sun keeps shining, we might have to try something that's perfect for parties, barbecues and stress-free evenings in the garden - suggestions welcome!

Alex, David and Luke
Averys Wine Bloggers

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