Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mimi in Argentina: day 4

Following in from the rain and Hail storms of yesterday the first winery to visit had to re-schedule as the brand new winery was surrounded by flooded access roads, luckily the building was fine just access. So they had cleverly set up a tasting overlooking their reservoir in the middle of the vineyards followed by lunch in the orchard.

We were shown around the vineyards fist where they were doing their first chardonnay harvest for a sparkler that they would produce in 3 years time. These were the first grapes to be harvested for the first Vin Clair.

The labels were really funky here and there was much interest, however unfortunately tasting under a gazebo in the heat of the day was not conducive to their big reds with staving oak were a little too dusty for our liking, although tasted much better when served cooler at lunch time.

Yet another delicious barbecue meal, with, literally, a whole cow of ribs over the fire for the morning. But the piece de resistance was a stunning tomato salsa – so fresh and lots of basil to enliven it. Demolished as almost the first time we had seen a vegetable dish. The pudding was another creme leche just not something that I can handle especially in the heat.

That evening Quatrocchi visited us in the Hotel for a tasting. They are an astute business with large volume capabilities, good label options, and the ability to give different importers different offerings, but not commercially relevant to us.

Mimi Avery

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