Thursday, 31 January 2013

Never trust an itinerary! Mimi in Argentine Day 2

Left at 7.30 am, how can one have jet-lag with only a three hour time zone difference!?

Drove to Clos de Siete, where we were meeting Marcelo Pelleretti Beautiful winery very smart, architect built rather than winemaker, therefore lots of aircon even though the roof is vineyard!

Met a citarish guitar player, who was there to have a blend made especially for him, to go with his music.

The tasting showed Marcelo's style of  big blockbuster tannin driven wines. Chardonnay (oaky), torrentes, the more recent vintage was lovely and fresh. The malbecs were big. Marcelo was beginning to use cabernet franc in blend. Giving freshness and a herbaceous aromatic and palate nuance.

Then the long drive to San Raphael, with the oddest of picnic lunches.

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