Thursday, 3 February 2011

Re: Project Winemaker vintage update from down under...

To: Emma Roberts
From: Hugh Cutherbertson @ Cheviot Bridge
Re: Project Winemaker vintage update from down under...

Have been whizzing about looking at vineyards. Summer rains have caused some disease issues in the warmer irrigated areas of Australia, reducing the expected national crush. The season is quite late (or maybe normal if you take away the last 10 years of drought effected production). Most of the dry land premium regions in South Australia and Victoria are looking OK. The east coast has been lashed with rain while Margaret River in the west desperately needs some.

The vintage 2010 Project Winemaker wines are coming along nicely. The Clare old vine Grenache has come out of wood and is ready for bottle. It's got a great colour with aromas of plum, black berry and spice... the flavour is savory and rich with a level of complexity that only comes from happy old vines.

The three components of the Adelaide Hills Chardonnay have been put together... The fresh fruity tank / the well stirred lees tank and the oak fermented parcel. This gives us the "layers" of flavor we are looking for. The wines showing great nectarine like aromas with some pear and green apple. The palate has good depth and length.

The Merlot is off the same vineyard as the Chardonnay at Angas Creek in the Hills. It's just out of oak and ready to bottle... juicy, rich and flavorsome. It will fill out nicely in bottle.

The Heathcote Shiraz is still dancing with its French oak. The colour is amazing... black as a dogs guts. It has the typical regional aromas of blueberry, cloves and plum.
Will keep you posted.
Cheers, Hugh.