Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Rob Cameron of Invivo - New Zealand Vintage Report

After the much written about 2008 vintage followed by a fantastic 2009 the industry entered 2010 with some trepidation, both with quality and volume of the harvest. However on both fronts I’m pleased to say that New Zealand is back to dong what it does best – producing fantastic wines.

Marlborough experienced less typical weather conditions than usual with a cold Spring and relatively cool and wet Christmas giving us all a bit of a scare but as so often happens the vines catch up in February packing in two months worth of ripening in one.

Little summer rain meant that for the majority there was very little disease pressure and the actual harvest was extremely settled. The cool start to the year however made things interesting with acid balance and flavours. I think this year we’ll see much greater variation in flavours from very green but fully ripe to intensely tropical. INVIVO’s principal Sauvignon vineyard has produced an amazing spectrum of flavours, from tight, razor sharp grapefruit and bell pepper to big, ripe rock melon and passion fruit. For a winemaker this is fantastic as I have lots of different raw material to create exciting blends. Volume on the whole was down comparative to last year which is a positive sign showing the region focussing on lower crops and quality.

Invivo Wines story aired May 2010, TV.1 see footage at:

Otago equally produced lower yields across the region, possibly due to a cool and dry spring and when this happens its usually time to get excited. INVIVO’s Lowburn and Northburn growers once again showed their utmost commitment to quality in ensuring their crop loads were balanced and in perfect condition – helped along by a near perfect long season of hot days and cool nights. Fruit this year had great balance, perfectly ripe but without high sugars enabling lovely intense wines to be made without high alcohols. This year is the best I’ve seen from Otago with the wine having real presence already – should be a good one!

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